Beyond Platform & Unmanned Security

Future of Security System

focus on designing systems with far future technology under the concept of secure Unmanned Security, including Unmanned Security Technology (Robot) UAV: ​​Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) Technology Artificial intelligence (AI: artificial intelligence) IoT technology (Internet of Things) Intelligent data analysis technology (Data Content Analytics) and centralized management technology (single central command control center) by Focusing on designing a program to manage and control the connection of various sensing systems remotely into the management analysis

A platform beyond boundaries

Imagine a platform that can make data from various sources. Combining efficient work together for many industries, BEYOND Platform simplifies and integrates data from different systems such as CCTV, IOT sensors, control systems and facility management systems together It is also user friendly. To be easy to track, analyze as centralize command center.

What is Beyond


Beyond is a purpose-built platform that brings spaces, buildings, facilities and city security and automation to the next level by combining Vision AI technology, machine learning and cutting edge IOT connectivity technologies into an open platform.


For more information about Beyond Platform
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LETcare : Smart & Secure System

Smart & Secure System is a smart and security system, which combines home security, home automation, healthy and elderly people emergency call all in one. It transmits alarm information through both WIFI and GSM network simply, safety and fast. Wherever you are in office, or on a business trip at board, System is with you. With mobile application, you could watch the live video on the site remotely, check the humidity and temperature in your house, and you pay close attention to the activity of elderly people. By using Smart & Secure, you can enjoy a smart and safe life

Mobile Application

  • Fully control and monitoring
  • Ability control AUTH entity by yourself
  • Ability monitoring all sensor status
  • Ability to turn on and off your electric devices

Central Control Unit WIFI GSM


Central Control Unit (CCU) is a Dual-Network WIFI GSM smart & secure system. It tells you the door is open or close, hear what’s happening in the house by high quality audio, and motion detecting etc.

  • Be able to work with 99 sensors
  • With low battery alert and status detection function Realtime to your mobile application
  • Just scan the QR code to add more sensors, simple and fast
  • WIFI + GSM dual network transmitting
  • 868MHz, two – way digital Transmission temperature & humidity sensor
  • Detectors support low battery alert, lost connection alert function.
  • 99 smart sensors, 24 smart sockets
  • 24/7 Fire, smoke and gas defense by our smoke and gas detectors
  • All the setups through your smart phone Apps, android and iOS App, clearly and easily.
  • It’s able to add maximum 100 users.
  • Comes with 3 SMS text message numbers and 3 call numbers.

Video Wall

With an accompanying video wall controller – the platform supports video wall deployments in command centers in every situation. With customizable views, layouts and configurations – the platform will ensure the best view for your analysts and operators to make informed decisions in situations.


  • Customizable security alerts shown on screen upon alert
  • Workstation view customizations
  • Layout customization
  • Map Full Screen Views
  • Windows
  • Linux
    (With Chrome Browser)
  • Ubuntu LTS

Energy Solutions

Bridge to a renewable future

The world of energy is changing and requires ever greater awareness: we have chosen the combination of natural gas and renewables to eliminate the use of more polluting fossil sources.

Security Analytics

Video Analytics

The platform consumes video feeds directly or through a third party Video Management System, and utilizes advanced facial recognition software to recognize and store faces in real life situations.

  • Live. video feeds available through RTSP feeds.
  • NVR capabilities provided by VMS or by Brazn platform.
  • Recognized faces cross-matched against database and unrecognized faces can be tracked across the whole system.
  • Real time alerts if unauthorized face or blacklisted face is recognized at venue.

Integrated Alerts

Instead of just a notification – the truly integrated platform will consume and interpret data on the fly for specific alerts – pulling data from disparate sources into one alert management screen for review.

  • Dynamic alert action options for human operator to finalize recommended decision.
  • Display of location map of where sensor was alerted.
  • Display of live video feed of selected location – as well and video feeds of nearby locations within appropriate distance.
  • Display of ancillary and relevant sensor / device / data and actions near alert location.

Smart Office

Scalable for Enterprises

A platform that scales up to handle multiple buildings and properties across a country or region.

  • Map view across a region to monitor multiple properties and regions.
  • Energy monitoring with readings aggregated or drilled down by region or building
  • Drill down to individual buildings, floors and rooms.

Video Management

Integrate with 3rd party VMS or utilize the built-in video management system of the PSIM to power and monitor your CCTVs across multiple locations to

  • Easy Locations Easily locate and get an overview of cameras that are integrated into the system.
  • Live Previews Live previews of cameras and feeds integrated into the system.

Command & Control Information Center

Command Center

An intuitive management and reporting platform to help you drive business decisions and maximize ROI.

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