The Company is a subsidiary of Loxley Public Company Limited, offering system integration services, which include security technology systems, both hardware and software, network systems, application development, site preparation, and maintenance services. The Company also offers security consulting by professional and highly qualified staffs at customers’ sites.

The Company was set up in 2001 with registered capital of 50 million Thai Baht. It provides security technology solutions for Government sectors, airports, buildings, defense, military, forensic-science sectors, and various businesses with rapid and continuous expansion and growth.


At Loxley Evolution Technology, we know your priorities and the necessity of receiving a quick responses and great customer service experiences.

We offer hardware and software for complete solutions that help public and private organizations around the world protect critical infrastructure and other major assets. We design security projects using high quality networks, servers, storage and video security and monitoring solutions. Our team is comprised of specialists that help you design your solutions, offering flexible, modular and expandable systems that meet the specific needs of your business. Loxley Evolution Technology Is commltted to create and maintaln strong relationships with customers, bullt on a foundation of excellence and trust.



Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

     The company, as a provider of comprehensive security technology under the modern security concept, is ready to join the Thai IoT Association to support sharing knowledge and building a strong network in the development of security technology by using IoT innovation as a development tool for maximum efficiency in order to meet the needs of security through intelligent technology for the new generation who grew up with modern technology.

     The company sees that the current security work should focus on developing personal skills to have potential of keeping up with the use of intelligent software through a platform that can be integrated with the artificial intelligence technology of robotics to replace hard work and various risky events that may affect the lives and properties of personnel and entrepreneurs. It is a proactive defense that is in line with the country’s operational policy to the development of progress along with sustainable safety.


Security Systems for Urban and Large Area Security, specializes in the design of the Centralized Command Center, combined with CCTV, Access Control, Fire Alarm, Intelligent Video Content Analytics and Real-time summarization of suspicious events to make quick decisions.

Advanced Technology for Airports for the management of systems within the leading airports, such as BHS (Baggage Handling System), CUTE (Common Use Terminal Equipment), APPS ( Advance Passenger Processing System), etc

Advanced Technology Group for absolute security focuses on system design with advanced special technology. Designed for a specific mission for national high security agencies such as GSM Interceptors, Jammers, Military drones, Multi sensors, Mesh networks, and Big data systems, that can collect and analyze data as well. Artificial Intelligence Technology (AI: Artificial Intelligence) allows security agencies to quickly access and suppress damage to events.

The advanced management system platform focus on designing systems with future technology under the concept of Secure Unmanned Security, including Unmanned Security Technology (Robot), UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle), Technology AI (Artificial Intelligence), IoT technology (Internet of Things) Intelligent data analysis technology (Data Content Analytics) and remote centralized management technology (Central Command Control Center) by focusing on designing a program to manage and control the connection of various sensing systems remotely for analyzing and automatic ordering.

When engineering and technology transformed
into a delicacy of precious work.
          To create a masterpiece.
          With innovation and elaborate design
          in every detail.
          Combined with intelligent concepts
          and advanced techniques.
          Art and engineering were incorporated
          and rewritten.
It is the perfect security system for you.