Airport Technology

What technology trends should airports look out for…

Technology has always been at the forefront of progression in the aviation industry, airports around the world were actively engaged in trials of advanced technologies. The main airport technology priority will be making the terminal experience less congested and more pleasurable for passengers. Not only will this help eliminate wasted time in queues, it could also help airports and their concessionaires earn more income as relaxed passengers take time to shop and dine before they fly.

Advanced Technology for Airport systems focus on designing technology for managing the internal passenger system within the leading airports, such as BHS (Baggage Handling System), CUTE (Common Use Terminal Equipment), APPS (Advance Passenger Processing System), Cloud technology, etc.

Security System for Thai Airways

We are the designer and consultant of building security systems for Thai Airways Public Company Limited at Suvarnabhumi International Airport. Partnership with NASS and Quarter Tec, we design for all 5 buildings for instance

  • Operations Center Building
  • Aviation kitchen Building
  • Cargo Building
  • Ground Services Building
  • Aircraft Maintenance Building

IoT for Airport

As with every other industry, technology is changing the airport experience, from passenger amenities to airline logistics. As sensors, connected devices and intelligent data analytics become part of everything we do and everywhere we go, airports have opportunities to improve travelers’ experiences and streamline operations with access to real-time data and the promise of the Internet of Things (IoT).

BHS (Baggage Handling System)

A Baggage Handling System can be defined as simply a type conventional conveyor or advance technological precise high speed carrier system, installed in airports that transport checked luggage from check in counters to the designated airplanes, where advance mechanical and controlling system undertake transport and transfer functions swifly and securely

CUTE (Common Use Terminal Equipment)

CUTE refers to the sharing of equipment by airlines. CUTE applies to the sharing of traditional check-in desks and the software platform to generate the bag tags. They allow airline operators to take space that has previously been exclusive to a single airline and make it available for use by multiple airlines and their passengers.