Beyond in-home security system

Protect your home intelligently

LET care is beyond in-home security system, which combines home security, home automation, healthy and elderly people emergency call all in one. It transmits alarm information through both WIFI and GSM network simply, safety and fast. Wherever you are in office, or on a business trip at board, System is with you. With mobile application, you could watch the live video on the site remotely, check the humidity and temperature in your house, and you pay close attention to the activity of elderly people.

By using LET care, you can enjoy a smart and safe life.

“Good systems not only can warn you of intruders, but also can notify authorities of a medical emergency, monitor smoke and carbon monoxide and water levels or pressures, and include video surveillance.”

These are all exceptionally important benefits of beyond in-home security systems.

Home automation

home automation lets you simplify everyday household life in a hassle-free way. You can easily and intuitively control heating, lighting and electrical devices the same way you control home security and energy consumption. You have control over everything at all times in your living spaces at the touch of a button, via timer or with the app.

Monitoring Services -CCC-

Command Control Communication -CCC- provide security services monitoring 24 hours for your house or building via unmanned security such as access control electric gate remote speaker announcement. The operation handling ability to synchronize with CCTV and video content analytic

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