Board of Director

Chalermchoke Lamsam

Director, Managing Director


  • Bachelor of Business Administration, Chulalongkorn University
  • MBA., Seattle University, U.S.A.
  • Public Administration and Public Laws, King Prajadhipoks Institute
  • Director Accreditation Program 106/2013, Thai Institute of Directors Association

Listed Companies (1)

    2017-present – Managing Director, Loxley Plc. / Technology and trading business

Non-Listed Companies/Other Business (26)

    2019-present – Director, AOT Aviation Security Co., Ltd. / Provide security service
    2018-present – Director, NS BlueScope (Thailand) Limited / Manufacture and sale of cold rolled steel
    2018-present – Director, NS BlueScope Lysaght (Thailand) Limited / Manufacture and sale of steel roofing
    2017-present – Director, BlueScope Buildings (Thailand) Limited / Provide pre-engineering building solution
    2017-present – Director, Loxbit Plc. / Trading of telecommunication equipment and programs
    2017-present – Director, L Food Solutions Co., Ltd. / Food service
    2017-present – Director, L-Elevator and Engineering Co., Ltd. / Sale and Installation of elevators and escalators
    2017-present – Director, ASM Security Management Co., Ltd. / Security service
    2017-present – Director, L Automotive Co., Ltd. / Manufacture, assemble, rent, leasing, import, export and after sale services of automotive business
    2017-present – Director, Phuket Smart Bus Co., Ltd. / Provide bus services
    2016-present – Director, L Solar 3 Co., Ltd. / Manufacture and distribute electricity from solar power
    2016-present – Director, Loxley System Integrator Co., Ltd. / Telecommunication system integrator
    2015-present – Director, LB EV Co., Ltd. / Manufacturing and trading electricity automotive
    2015-present – Chairman, Loxley Power Systems Co., Ltd. / Construction of electrical substation & transmission and provide electrical system
    2014-present – Director, Lego99 Co., Ltd. / Operate solar power plant
    2014-present – Director, GMP (Thailand) Co., Ltd. / Manufacture, sale and import-export seafood and processed foods
    2013-present – Director, LS Technology Solutions Co., Ltd. / Operate the security technology solutions in Asian region
    2012-present – Director, Loxley Intertrade (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd. / Trading in the People’s Republic of China
    2012-present – Director, Green Natural Products Co., Ltd. / Manufacture and sale of kaffir oil, essential oil and other healthcare products
    2011-present – Director, Loxley Mobile Co., Ltd. / Sale and service of various prepaid electronics cash card
    2010-present – Director, Loxley Property Development Co., Ltd. / Renting of building, advertising board and providing services
    2005-present – Director, Thai Fiber Optics Co., Ltd. / Manufacture of fiber optic
    2005-present – Director, Ekpavee Co., Ltd. / Holding Company
    2002-present – Director, Loxley Evolution Technology Co., Ltd. / Design and installation services of security systems (formerly Law Enforcement Technology Solutions Co., Ltd.)
    2000-present – Executive Director, Loxley International Co., Ltd. / Provide maintenance services for computer, communication systems and project consultant
    present – Director, Point Asia Land Development Co., Ltd. / Geological service

Work Experience for the Past 5 years

    2010-2018 – Director, L Solar 1 Co., Ltd. / Operate solar power plant
    2010-2018 – Director, Loxley Wireless Plc / Sale and service of telecommunication and information technology systems
    2014-2017 – Director, SLA Asia Co., Ltd. / Installation of telecommunication
    2012-2017 – Director, Loxley Business Innovation Co., Ltd. / provide alternative energy
    2011-2017 – Director, L Force 1 Co., Ltd. / Supply, manufacture and sell of shooting stimulation for fixed shooting and trapshooting
    2005-2017 – Director, L-TAG Technologies Co., Ltd. / Sale of construction materials and installation service of waste water treatment system and other sanitation
    1998-2017 – Director, LTS Travel Service Co., Ltd. / Tourism business and sale of plane tickets
    2010-2016 – Senior Executive Vice President, Loxley Plc. / Technology and trading business 2008-2010 – Executive Vice President, Loxley Plc. / Technology and trading business

Shareholding In Loxley

  • Own: 9,876,688 shares or 0.44%
  • Spouse or Underage Children: 3,920,437 shares or 0.17%

Family Relationship among Executives

    Son of Mr. Dhongchai Lamsam, Cousin of Mr. Vasant Chatikavanij, Mr. Krisada Lamsam and Mr. Suroj Lamsam