LET Making Debut Grand Introduction …Raising Security Technology under the Concept of “Beyond Security”

“Loxley Evolution Technology Co., Ltd.,” or LET is proud to announce the launch of its new business, a leading service provider capable of integrating superior security technology under the concept “Beyond Security” showing 4 high tech groups using advanced technology through intelligent platform to enhance the security operation work potential, hopefully get Thailand on top place of being the truly safe country.

              On 19 June 2019, Mr. Yuthaporn Chittakasem, Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director of Loxley Evolution Technology Co., Ltd. or LET announced that LET has a registered capital of 50 million Baht, 100% shares owned by Loxley Public Co., Ltd. This technology exhibition was organized under the theme of “Live Beyond” at Terminal 21 Shopping Center to show leadership in providing centralized security technology on the aspects of the designing, System Integration Service, network system, applications, including security technology maintenance service and to gear up towards becoming the number one service provider bringing the Total Solutions, conforming to Thailand’s entering into the 4.0 era.
              “The significant outstanding point of LET is its own platform called Beyond Platform,  collaborated with its technological expertise alliance, Brazen Company, Singapore. The development of intelligent security platform through big data, the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) for integration with drone closed circuit television, various sensor detection systems at the city, provincial and regional levels, and the centralized management through the Single Command Control Center under the 3P concepts which are Predict, Prepare, Prevent, and 1M which is Manage to get the advanced cutting-edge solutions for helping the operators restrain threats and sustainably reduce crimes. It’s to build confidence in security for Thai people and foreign tourists, getting Thailand to become a truly safe city.” said Mr. Chittakasem.
             LET’s services consist of 4 security technology groups that can design and provide services according to customers’ needs in terms of the equipments, technology, work system and budget for the integration into the Total Solutions which are
             1. Security Technology System Group for Public Safety: focusing on the design of the centralized work system in combination with the animation analysis program technology with intelligent function, capable to work rapidly in real time, screening and the event summary for the fast decision making.  For the public, it targets the government agencies and state enterprises.
             2. Beyond Platform & Unmanned Security Group: designing of the Management Control and Command Center, linking to various remote detection systems for analyzing the work and issuing orders automatically, aerial mechanical technology, AI, IoT technology, remote centralized management technology, etc. Target groups are ranging from the organizational level such as various office buildings, retail stores which have many branches, housing estates to general customers.
             3. Airport Technology Group: focusing on the design of the passenger management system technology in leading aircrafts to be efficient, convenient, and fast such as baggage conveyor system, passenger check-in management system, advanced passenger checks and screening system, etc.
             4.Special Technology Group: system designing for specific mission for the National Security Agency such as GSM Interceptor System, Jammer System, Military Drone System, Multi Sensor Camera System, Mesh Network System including Big Data System that can analyze data with AI for the Security Agency to expeditiously stop the damage from the situation.
            Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director of LET revealed that in the security market, it would be necessary to sell confidence as primary. Therefore, besides the guarantee from the work achievements, LET marketing strategy is to collaborate with its alliance, the insurance company to create a bundle package with competitive price for the market. LET has signed a Memorandum of Cooperation in providing security services and integrated security operation technology with the strong alliance as Muang Thai Insurance Public Co., Ltd. Moreover, the Company joined hands with Kasikorn bank to facilitate the customers on flexible service payments to meet their needs.
           “The Company sets the target revenue in 2020 at 400 million Baht. It is expected to grow 10% per year, at least. The proportion of revenue will come from the 4 work groups as follows: Public Safety Group of 40%, Beyond Platform Group of 25%, Airport Technology Group of 25% and Special Technology Group of 20%. For the work achievements in the past which have already been delivered, including the Integrated Security System, Phase I, of the 5th Provincial Police Region, covering 4 Northern Provinces from all 8 Provinces, etc., consequently resulting in the police authorities ability to track down various crimes in less than 10 minutes. Furthermore, the Bangkok Bus Terminal (Mo Chit Bus Station), Suvarnabhumi Airport, Don Mueang Airport, Phuket International Airport, Chiang Mai Airport, Chiang Rai Mae Fah Luang Airport, Hat Yai Airport including Loxley building itself, also use LET system.”
            Other than the Public Safety, LET also offers “LET Care” services for general  individual customers, households, enterprises requiring superior security system which is more than a warning system on intruders or watching live video via smart phone because “LET Care” can detect any irregularities including heat, temperature, smoke in the house, also the ability in lighting control, switching on/off electrical appliances in residential areas together with activating warning signal to notify relevant emergency agencies such as police station for any intruders, emergency medical team for any accident for the residence, combining the 24-hour security inspection team service via CCC (Command Control Communication), responding to the needs of the digital age society, and reducing complexity by providing a service with a friendly user application.
            For those who are interested in the additional details about LET technology and platforms, please contact us at 02-348-8811, email: info_loxleyevolution@loxley.co.th  or website https://loxleyevolution.co.th/