Nong Pokpong is a robot planned and created to meet security missions. In the primary stage, it was tried for use inside the air terminal to supplant or decrease the responsibility of officials. Nong Pokpong will perform 2 principal assignments as follows:

1.Remaining at the place of access control paths in limited regions, where Nong Pokpong will play out the accompanying obligations:

  • Standing watchman
  • Send video transfers to a focal framework for examination of representations
  • Peruse the staff approval card (RFID) data to contrast with the countenances with check whether they match
  • Interface orders to the banner entryway to permit the officials to stroll through whenever it has been confirmed that the administrator has been approved to adhere to that procedure

2. Ready to interface the correspondence with the video call framework between the mentioning staff through the point and the control and command room Watch around the traveler lobby region or administration region. Nong Pokpong will play out the accompanying obligations:

  • Ready to watch naturally by recalling the course on the predefined region
  • During the watch course, Nong Pokpong can perceive faces and distinguish dubious people or articles with a warning to security officials close by to stop the episode.
  • Ready to speak with travelers during watches for the comfort of travelers