LET's Door Opens to Reveal 'The Future of LET' Strategy for Sustainable Income

LET’s 2023 business plan, “The Future of LET,” is now revealed. Our goal is to bring technological excellence in mini-city security systems to homes and organizations, expand our customer base and alliances, and increase sales outside the B2G market for sustainable recurring revenue within 3 years. With this new strategy, we’re confident we can deliver outstanding service and cutting-edge technology to our customers while achieving long-term success.
May 9, 2023; Loxley Evolution Technology (LET) is pleased to announce that Mr.Yuthaporn Chitakasem, Chief Executive Officer of LET and a subsidiary of Loxley Public Company Limited with 80% ownership, has revealed our new business plan. LET specializes in public safety technology services and has a customer base consisting mostly of government organizations. While we’ve experienced significant growth in the past, our revenue is heavily reliant on government auctions (B2G), which can be volatile in terms of both opportunities and revenues.

To address this, we’re adjusting our business plan and developing new products and services under the strategy “The Future of LET”. Our goal is to rebalance our revenue from B2G to 60% and increase revenue from B2B and B2C to 40% within the next 3 years. This will allow us to generate a sustainable recurring income and expand our customer base beyond government organizations.

Mr. Yuthaporn Chitakasem emphasized that this shift in revenue proportion does not mean a reduction in jobs from the government sector. We will continue to focus on the B2G market while expanding our market to the private sector, where there is a need for security technology to prevent various threats. This is in line with the main policy of Loxley, our parent company.

We are excited to embark on this new phase of growth and look forward to delivering innovative solutions to our customers in the public and private sectors.

LET, a subsidiary of Loxley Public Company Limited, is expanding its business from public safety technology services for government organizations to also include private customers. Under the strategy “The Future of LET,” the company aims to rebalance its revenue from government auctions (B2G) to 60% and increase its revenue from business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-customer (B2C) to 40% within the next three years.

To achieve this goal, LET is developing new products and services, including:

     1. Residence Security – Security technology for residences
     LET’s new security system service, “LET Care,” is a security solution for low-rise residences, including detached houses, townhouses, villages, and condominiums. This service can detect abnormalities, such as heat, temperature, and smoke within the accommodation. It also allows customers to control lighting and electrical equipment in their homes and send emergency signals to alert relevant agencies in case of accidents. LET Care is monitored through the Command & Control Center (CCC) by a security inspection team, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.

     2. Cyber Shield – Solution to prevent cyber theft
     LET, in partnership with CloudSec Asia, has launched Cyber Shield Technology to provide Small and Medium Business Operators (SMEs), including hospitals, car service centers, factories, and schools, with a comprehensive solution to prevent cyber theft. This technology ensures 24/7 surveillance services provided by the CCC room to build trust and confidence for service users. In addition, LET’s Cyber Security system can be integrated with the preparation of a personal data protection policy under the PDPA of each organization.

     Furthermore, Muang Thai Insurance offers insurance policies for Cyber Shield users up to 50 million baht, providing maximum reliability against cyber theft. LET remains committed to providing innovative solutions to safeguard SMEs against cyber threats and build long-term customer trust.

     3.Residence Elderly Ward – Technology to take care and help the elderly society

     LET’s “Residence Elderly Ward” is a service that supports Thailand’s entry into the Aged Society. It includes surveillance connected to three main devices that LET has researched and developed with CT Asia Robotics: “Nong Pokpong,” a two-way communication robot for the elderly, “Technology For Aging Society,” a motion detection necklace, and “Smart Watch.” All devices are connected to “LET Care” to enhance care, alert, and help the elderly in emergencies, such as slipping and falling, fainting from congenital disease, or even detecting exits from residential areas within a limited range. These devices can interact to request assistance with the destination or LET’s CCC team, which is available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.

     4. Unmanned Services – Technology without human control
     LET’s “Unmanned Services” include two types of robots to serve as surveillance and delivery assistants. “Nong Pokpong” is a surveillance robot that can help enhance security work and increase efficiency in consistent work. It has surveillance cameras that shoot video to the officers and can contact staff through robots for help. “Nong Jingjai” is designed for indoor use or offices with large areas such as hospitals, factories or offices, and it can deliver documents or items within the building as specified. Both types of robots work in conjunction with the central control system through the CCC room, allowing the operator to know the status and position of the robot in real-time.

     “Marketing and collaboration efforts are crucial to staying competitive in the technology industry,” said Mr. Yuthaporn. “We are committed to providing high-quality security technology products and services and are excited to partner with influencers and participate in exhibitions to showcase our offerings.”
About Our Partners and Us
  • Cloudsec Asia Company Limited: A Trusted Leader in Cloud-Native Security and Cyber Security Services
  •      Cloudsec Asia Company Limited is a well-established leader in cloud-native security and cyber security services in Thailand. With over 10 years of experience, the company has developed expertise in delivering innovative and effective security solutions tailored to meet the evolving needs of clients in various industries.

         As a trusted partner, Cloudsec Asia Company Limited remains committed to providing top-notch security solutions and services that are both reliable and effective. Their continued dedication to excellence and technological advancement has earned them a reputation as one of the most trusted and respected names in the industry.
  • CT Asia : CT Asia Launches Thai-Made “Dinsaw Robot” into Japanese Market, Showcasing Thai High-Tech Expertise
  •      CT Asia, a Thai technology company, has introduced “Dinsaw Robot,” an AI and robotics product, into the Japanese market. Developed by Thai engineers, Dinsaw Robot is designed to showcase the country’s high-tech expertise and demonstrate its ability to produce innovative and competitive products for the global market.

         CT Asia’s successful entry into the Japanese market is a testament to the company’s dedication to technological advancement and the potential of the Thai tech industry to create world-class products. CT Asia remains committed to developing cutting-edge technology solutions and positioning Thailand as a leading player in the global technology market.
  • Idio Tech Co., Ltd.: Expertise in Telecommunication Infrastructure, Real-Time Tracking Solutions, and Robotics
  •      Idio Tech Co., Ltd. is a reputable company with 18+ years of experience in designing and installing telecommunication infrastructure systems. They also offer Indoor RTLS & Asset Tracking Solutions for real-time tracking of people and objects in buildings, as well as a diverse range of robotics products, serving as a primary food serving motor for the country’s food service industry.

         Their technological expertise and commitment to exceptional service ensure that they provide clients with innovative solutions that enhance business performance, streamline operations, and reduce labor costs.
  • HACO: Leading the Charge in Smart Home Tech
  •      HACO is proud to offer cutting-edge smart home technology solutions across Thailand. With a focus on seamless integration and control, HACO’s innovative products and services provide unparalleled convenience, efficiency, and security for homeowners. Trust in HACO to transform your home into a smart home that works for you.
  • LET
  •      LET is a leading provider of security technology solutions in Thailand, offering a wide range of innovative products and services to businesses and individuals. With over a decade of experience, our expert team is committed to delivering the highest level of quality and reliability in all our solutions, from citywide security to household-level systems. We work closely with our clients to tailor our services to their unique needs, building lasting relationships based on trust and a shared commitment to security excellence.